Handheld Equipment

Man using Stihl hedge clippers

Handheld Equipment

The right combination of tools can make or break a landscape. Your property is going to be much easier to manage if you have the right handheld equipment to help you out, but figuring out which equipment is going to help you most requires a little bit of planning and forethought. That’s why Tempe Power Equipment wants to give you a little bit of insight on the handheld equipment available here at our location serving all of Tempe, Arizona. That way, when you stop by our dealership, you can let us know where you’d like to start looking, or ask us any other questions you may have about our available products.

Hedge Clippers

Let’s start with those overgrown hedges. Trying to use shears to prune back some of the most unruly hedges can be time consuming and inefficient, which is why you’ll want to turn to hedge clippers. When you’re looking at what kind of hedge clipper to get, you’ll want to consider how big and tall your hedges are, as well as how thick the branches you’ll need to cut are. Hedge clippers come with long and short blades with a variety of teeth widths. Make sure you’re choosing the right clippers for your projects.


Pole Pruners

With your hedges looking nice and clean, you’ll probably want to do the same thing for the trees in your yard. Don’t forget, this is about more than a nice looking property. Overgrown trees can be a hazard when the wind picks up and as debris falls. This is where a pole pruner comes in handy. These cutters allow you to reach those out of range branches and trim away the low-hanging twigs. Plus, they’re easy to use. Just make sure you know how much extra extension you’re going to need to reach some of the lower branches on your tree.



With all that debris on your yard, you’ll want something help clean it all up. Some of the bigger materials you can pick up with your hands, but when it’s time to sweep up the leaves and smaller twigs, you’ll want a blower. Blowers can also be helpful when the leaves start to turn in the fall and they drop from the trees in large swaths. Using a blower can help collect that debris in one spot so you can more easily--and more quickly--collect it for waste. Find a model that’s comfortable for you to use and perfect for your yard.


Lawn Vacuums

The next step up from a blower is a lawn vacuum. Just as their name implies, they’re designed to suck up the debris, rather than throw it around. This can be particularly helpful after you’ve gathered all the leaves together and are looking at a particularly hefty pile of leaves. Vacuuming them up, rather than bending over repeatedly to rake them into a bag, can be more efficient and less straining.


Lawn Edgers

For that extra special touch, you’ll want to get a lawn edger. These tools are designed to carefully cut away at the blades of grass poking out of sides of the lawn, giving you a yard that looks straight out of the catalog. Even if it’s not a necessary part of lawn maintenance, you’ll probably find yourself using it more often than you think.


This covers some of the basic handheld tools that can help you with your next landscaping project, but for the complete inventory, you’ll want to stop by Tempe Power Equipment. We have lots of great products and friendly staff who are willing to help you with all your yard work concerns. We serve all of Tempe, Arizona, so stop by today!



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